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We are the culturally competent solution that puts your intersectional identity at the forefront. We are here for you, whoever you are.

Available in English and Spanish.


Peer- Support

Collective care is self-care. Join community groups that fit your needs and chat with other users. Groups are moderated by mental health experts.

Daily Mood Check-Ins

Different days bring different needs. Daily check-ins track your mood to help you find community groups that fit your needs.

Empowerment Kit

Life can be challenging. Finding wellness requires easy access to resources like evidence-based strategies, daily rituals, media, and multicultural CBT and DBT centered in intersectionality and wellness. Butterflly will empower you to build the life you want for yourself, even when life's trying its best to deal you a bad hand.

Text-Based Coaching

Your emotional needs aren't on a 9-5 schedule. With Butterflly members connect within seconds to a live chat with trained behavioral health coaches, to receive 24/7 emotional support for whatever challenges life may bring.

Therapists Matching

We believe that finding a therapist you can relate to is non-negotiable. Our therapists are trained in trauma-informed, culturally-centered and intersectional frameworks; these principles form the backbone of every aspect of their treatment.

The app that takes your intersectional identity into consideration

We deliver culturally-centered, intersectional and evidence-based care for teens and adults from all walks of life while also providing an alternative to in-person therapy that is more affordable and accessible.

Clients and Partners

Our Empowerment Model

You have something unique to offer. Our all-in-one mobile health app focuses on individual and collective strength to help you reach your goals.

My Health

Daily health, mood, and wellness checks help you and your care team stay on top of your health management while empowering you with the skills and knowledge you need to build better days and reach long-term goals.

How It Works

Step 1

Onboard to the Butterflly App. Take a Standardized Assesment.

Step 2

Create/update and share your health profile

Step 3

Find support from others like you and compare experiences and strategies

Step 4

Learn from aggregated community treatment & symptom reports

Step 5

Connect with coaches and clinicians within Butterflly for improved treatment conversations and more targeted support

Step 6

Play an integral part in your own mental health care -take charge of your life

Butterflly has been designed leveraging decades of Peer Reviewed research.

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